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Project Description
Currency Trading Simulator, implemented as an ASP.Net 2.0 website, using the Picasso Framework.

Implements Wilder, ADX, ATR, DI,etc, and uses them to make long/short calls based on the current tuning parameters.

Current default tuning parameters represent a well-known, conservative approach, that has worked fairly consistently over 25 years, but not for last 6mths. I get better results by decreasing stop loss ratio to zero, and increasing investment ratio to 1. Also experiment with shorter Exp.M.A window lengths like 2,3,4, and some of the logical switches.

4 Screenshots:

1. Summary of the tuning parameters, and the performance of all selected time series

2. Zoom in on one particular time-series, with full breakdown of simulation flow

3. Series Add/Edit & Data import screen

4. Data Add/Edit screen

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